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We are using 3D design to 'test' new ideas and concepts. See some of these on the below video in our 3D 'Cave Village'.

About Us

We offer an easy to adapt range of high quality garden rooms made from shipping containers. Our products are robust, durable, competitively priced and well suited to coping with the UK weather.

After years of producing and using highly engineered container conversions in industry, we are now bringing a similar approach to the UK domestic market with our garden rooms and offices.

Clever engineering and smart design allows us to select from base designs we have already worked on and modify to each customers own particular requirements. 

We spend a lot of time locating and then working with key suppliers, which enables us to  control our prices while ensuring a high level of quality. 

We offer a number of different ways to obtain our garden rooms depending on your own needs and situation. Outright purchase, traditional finance, leasing, rental  and  more complex 'packages' are all options we will consider on a project by project basis.

Some points of interest about our products.

  • The complete build is done off site in our workshops - no building mess or disruption at your site. 
  • Each module only weighs 2,500 kgs making it easy to lift into position.
  • The internal finish is high quality. These are not 'garden sheds'.
  • The Korten steel skin ensures longevity - think 20 years plus.
  • Factory manufacture keeps wastage and therefore costs down.
  • Builds can be moved at relatively low cost compared to dismantling or demolition. With some designs this feature can reduce VAT to Zero.
  • Huge range of external options ensures the unit "blends in" to its location and adds value.
  • It arrives ready for to be used.  It is Plug-and-Play.

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Home Office

Garden Rooms




Finance, Lease or Buy - prices from £7,995

Base Unit


Step-by-Step Guide

Your Situation


Check the suitability of your planned site location, its access and the nearest services. Send us your Post Code and a short video of the proposed site location. We can then discuss the build specifications and design requirements for your project.

Planning Check


Establishing your garden room or office should be allowed within "permitted development", and no planning permission or approvals are required. However, everyone's situation is different; we can assist with giving you peace of mind. 

Order the Base Unit


Commit to your new unit.  You will have to pay a commissioning fee and a deposit. Please allow a standard 4 week build time - but this could be extended if you want any bespoke additions, customisations or more complex build options.

Project Execution


 We will keep you updated online as to the production progress and invite you to do a Pre-Delivery Inspection. We will advise on  site preparation, mains connection and commissioning.

Interior Design Decisions


Units are 'Plug and Play' (not the DIY Shell) and come ready to use. The office models are'Tech Ready' and fully web-enabled. Ideal for collaborative working or running a business from home. All that's left is for you to make those furnishing choices, which we can help with.

Develop Further


Keep the dialogue going with us. And grow your project. Once you have your first unit - it won't be long until you are contemplating a second one!

We can assist with modular design, interior architectures and any project challenges.

Some other Considerations

Investment & Budget


Planning & Security


Enhancing the Project


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Our customers are always welcome to visit us. As we have a manufacturing unit and not a retail showroom, please call or email to make an appointment.

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