Information for DIY Projects

It takes around 250 hours to create a single container conversion, interested? Read on;

DIY container projects are not such as simple or as cheap as you might wish to think, but with careful thought and understanding of what's required, its is entirely possible to DIY.

Add to this our ability to support your project in a few important ways may make a partial pre-build an attractive prospect for you.

Time is the main issue a DIY'er will face - but it is also one of the main costs we are exposed to when we build ourselves. Around 250 hours of hard work, no cups of tea or beer time or running down to the DIY shop for another bit of wood in this either! 250 man-hours at say 5 hard hours of work per day means 25 weekends - six months. If you have got it - read on - if you are not sure we recommend a bit of caution (who needs an incomplete project at their home) but read on anyhow!

Skills are an area where a DIYer might need help or guidance. Luckily when converting containers, the more unusual skills are required early on, meaning as the build progresses the skill level gets closer to what we might think are within the capability of a normal British DIY'er. This is where part build projects might be of interest, get the cutting, welding, window fitting out of the way, purchase a part build container conversion from the Cave Company, and then get on and do the internal fit out yourself.

Wastage is the area where we have a lot to gain by doing the whole build here at the Cave Company. Compared to a DIY project we can get better material discounts because of the volumes we purchase and then we have very little wastage of those materials. A good example of low wastage is electric cable that comes on fixed length reels. If you DIY unfortunately there will always be an unused bit at the end while our left over reels just move on to the next project. We estimate that as much as 10% of materials are 'saved' by having a full factory manufacture process.

Pricing partial build is a tricky matter, material prices fluctuate from day to day and there are millions of design variations. There are also some very cheap and nasty products available in the market that are not very robust and we will not be associated with. So we don't have fixed partial build list prices to hand out for fear of misleading customers. In our 'base unit' section we give some indicative prices and from there we will give a partial build price upon enquiry inclusive of a discussion about precise requirements. Partial build quotations will then be valid for acceptance for a very short time. 

Use the contact details on the home page if you would like to know more on this subject.