Emergency Accommodation Unit

Cave Company Solution for Emergency Accommodation

As a separate activity from our normal domestic and commercial work the Cave Company has now developed a low cost fully fitted emergency accommodation unit made from a single ISO Container.

This solution sets out to meet the growing needs of Local Authorities and Charities who require robust and durable emergency accommodation solutions where they can accommodate people in need - at a moments notice.

We envisage this emergency need taking the form of an established but temporary park where other facilities are also provided. For example at the Cave Company we are able to provide laundrettes, retail facilities, generator/electrical rooms, medical rooms, kitchens and central dining - all purpose built within ISO Containers. Once the facility is no longer required all the units can be loaded on to trucks and removed to another location in need.

The Cave Company Emergency Unit is neither just a 'bedroom' nor a 'home' for permanent living. 

The unit is a complete solution and includes two beds, sitting area, tv, kitchenette+microwave, toilet and shower. Soft furnishings, sheets, plates, utensils, cleaning materials, toiletries are also included so the unit is ready to use on first arrival. It is possible to re-specify the sofa to a sofa bed to accommodate, for example, a single parent and two children scenario.

The unit is built for easy transport and quick connection to services. While the internal fit out is functional we use 'normal' furniture so there is a sense of 'home' for any user.

If you are a local authority or charity looking for such a solution please get in contact to discuss detailed specifications etc.