External Cladding

There are a huge range of external cladding available and as you can see in the photo on the left, some of the options are extreme. From timber to plastic, fibre glass to concrete, from machined panels to hand art - the options are endless and some extremely sophisticated. We have yet to be asked to provide a rock climbing wall, but we can, and probably soon will!


Preference for roofing style is a very personal choice from none at all to vert fancy. Here at the Cave Company we can offer a range of roof choices. From flat to pitched, from pagoda to tiles - the choice is yours.

Awnings and Shades

Awnings and shades are  very popular in the hooter climates. Over the past few years the UK has enjoyed very good summer weather making awnings and shades a more popular addition to exteriors. We have permanent, semi permanent and roll up options. The latter with manual and electric controls.

Painting and Artwork

Funky Urban Art is new to UK gardens and is slowly making its way from city to country dwelling. Bright colours, use of images and graffiti along with what we refer to as extreme cladding are options we offer. 

Garden Blending

By garden blending we are thinking of the use of screens, vertical green walls, thoughtful planting, break-up creatures, pots, paths, water features. These can be used to enhance the visual appliance of garden rooms or alternative hide the room away in a secret private corner.