Garden Rooms


With highly variable weather, Garden Rooms are a brilliant way to enjoy an all year outside garden life in the United Kingdom. There are a huge range of garden rooms available. With a quick internet search you will notice most are made of soft wood and cannot be dismantled easily.

Our Secure Garden Rooms are full of natural light with various heating choices available. Fitting out is very much a matter of personal preference and dependant on the precise purpose of the room. 

Our Secure Garden Rooms are made of metal with doors and window security to the same, if not better, than your own house. This gives comfort that expensive equipment, tools, furniture can all be left inside. The fitting of security devices is easy and you may feel that doing so is appropriate in your area.

Our Garden Rooms have insulated walls, roofs and floors with built in vapour barriers and a de-humidfier. Electric heating is fitted as standard but there are other options and choices  e.g. wood burning stoves, electric underfloor.

We assume that electrical connection to your house supply is possible. However, if your garden room is to be in a remote location, we can install generator,  wind and solar power solutions with battery storage options for when the wind does not blow or sun does not shine.

Our Garden Rooms can be moved easily by picking up with a crane or 'hiab'. This means that when you move home you can take your room with you - it's that simple.