Our rental capability is intended for customers who attend shows, exhibitions concerts, sporting events where there is a desire to have a robust space to meet their commercial objectives for a limited period of time. While our rented container conversions are 'neutral' in appearance, we will consider specific requests to to bespoke builds / branding and add to our rental fleet if there is a sensible and ongoing need.


Lease is clearly an extension of the rental concept where customers have a longer term requirement and therefore agreement with us,  Say for example, you have a 36 month temporary lease from the local council to establish a pop up shop or temporary retail park that might be extended. A leasing arrangement with right to buy and buy back clauses may suit your needs better than a rent only option.


Out right purchase is the most cost effective and easily understood way of owing and using a container conversion at home or at work. 


We have access to Moorgate Finance who are able to offer finance for our products to those customers who wish to consider purchase but do not have  the capital available. 

Terms and Conditions

As usual terms and conditions apply to all of the above. Please contact us if you would like to know more.