Planning and Security

With most local authorities our garden rooms would be considered allowed under “permitted development” and would not need planning permission, subject to certain limits and conditions being met:

· No siting on land forward of a wall forming the principal elevation.

· Single storey with a maximum eaves height of 2.5m and maximum overall height of 4.0m with a dual pitched roof or 3.0m with any other roof.

· No balconies or raised platforms.

Within the curtilage of listed buildings or on designated land such as conservation areas or national parks then planning permission will be required. 

There is a great interactive guide regarding these regulations here

Building regulations will not normally apply if the floor area is less than 15 square meters and contains no sleeping accommodation. Purchasers will be given an electrical safety certificate confirming the systems complies with IET 18.

For projects requiring or are classed as 'living accommodation' there are some complexities that with the right steps and care can bring significant advantages to a purchaser. VAT free products is one of these advantages. If you are contemplating a 'living accommodation' project we suggest you call to discuss in detail.

If in any doubt regarding the planning situation in your location, we suggest  a consultation with your local planning authority to discuss intentions and to make sure there are no local limitations or conditions. We can assist to put together the right narrative to describe your intentions if you think you need help in this area. For complex proposals we have a connection with a planning expert who can be engaged to help the project through. Please note some local planning authorities may charge a small fee for consultations.

Our garden rooms are strong, robust, weather resistant, better insulated and more versatile than other temporary structures on the market such as wooden sheds, tee pees, pods and shepherd’s huts.  Our base unit will have a comparatively higher residual value and is easily moved or re-located.

We offer several options to enhance the security of your new unit to protect your valuables and to deter any petty crime. These options include built-in safes, web-enabled technologies and other deterrents. To find out more please call to discuss.